Work It Out

Work It Out

Fit4Mom helps parents stay in shape while staying with their kids

By Shelley Sakala

Welcome to January. New year, new you, right? The holidays were fun, but suddenly everything shakes you like a bowl full of jelly when you laugh. It’s time to say goodbye to that figgy pudding and get back into shape. But what happens when the New Year gives you the same old options?

The gym? Ugh.

Running? Double-ugh.

Crossfit? Ouch.

What’s a busy mom to do?

If you’re a mom in Norterra or Anthem, grab your stroller and your kid and meet up with other moms for one of the most unique fitness groups in North Phoenix: Fit4Mom. This group of motivated mothers meets for stroller-based workouts designed for moms with kids in tow. The workouts are real and the camaraderie is terrific. And the best part is you don’t feel rushed to finish because your kid is waiting in the daycare room. Your child is right there with you, and your little one’s stroller is part of your exercise equipment!

Fit4Mom offers workout programs like the total body conditioning workout known as Stroller Stride. This program features strength training, cardio, and core restoration. Throughout the session, you’re within arm’s reach of your kiddo, who is entertained with songs, activities and fun! No more germy daycare. No more mom guilt. And if you miss your beloved barre classes from your pre-pregnancy days, you’re in luck: Fit4Mom has Stroller Barre, a 60-minute cardio and strength interval class designed to improve posture, stability and mobility. The moves are inspired by barre, ballet, Pilates and yoga, and can help you regain your posture and alignment while strengthening your body from the inside-out. And once again, your child is there beside you, buckled-in and having a blast! Fit4Mom classes are held at close-to-home outdoor locations like The Shops at Norterra and Outlets at Anthem (in the summer months or on rainy days, classes are indoors at Arrowhead Towne Center, aka Arrowhead Mall).

Fit4Mom is a national fitness program that provides fitness classes and a network of moms to support every stage of motherhood. The local franchise is owned and operated by local mom Shawna Weitekamp. After working as a Fit4Mom instructor for the past four years, Shawna was looking to continue building her career. She wanted a profession that allowed her to actively participate in the lives of her two kids. So, when the opportunity presented itself to take over the Fit4Mom franchise for North Phoenix/Anthem, Shawna jumped at the chance. While owning a business takes lots of work, being a Fit4Mom owner comes with built-in work/life balance. “I get to take my little one to work every day,” Shawna says. “Plus, I’m free to attend school functions like class awards ceremonies and school plays – all those little moments that a mom treasures.”

As a parent, Shawna understands that moms are looking for fitness options beyond the gym and the treadmill. And as a Norterra resident, she sees the North Phoenix/Anthem area growing quickly, with lots of new families. The response and enthusiasm to Fit4Mom has been so good that Shawna is planning to offer additional programs in the next few months, including HIIT (high-intensity interval training).

Fit4Mom requires no special equipment. Resistance bands are provided, and whatever type of stroller you have will work great. No need to worry about stroller envy! And dads can get in on the fun, too. On Saturdays, Shawna offers the “Dad”urday program. It’s a great way for new fathers to lose that sympathy weight.

One of the added benefits touted by Fit4Mom is the sense of community. I asked Shawna to explain what this means. “Moms are all in the same boat,” she says, “fighting the same battles. When you’re here, you’re surrounded by moms at all different fitness levels. It’s supportive, not competitive. No matter what you’re experiencing, chances are the woman next to you knows exactly what you’re going through. The programs provide the strength to survive motherhood. We laugh together, sweat together, and succeed together.” The women in the groups even socialize together, setting up play dates and scheduling the occasional Mom’s Night Out for dinner, movie, bowling, etc. As Shawna says: “Come for the workouts, stay for the friendships.”

Sounds like a perfect plan for the New Year!

Shelley Sakala is a local realtor with The Sakala Group, and an 85085 resident.

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