Tiny Baubles

Tiny Baubles

Make your own holiday ornaments with leftover items

Story and photos by Shannon Fisher

It is holiday time again! It is our tradition to make new ornaments every year. Here are three quick and easy ones you can make, too.

Hot glue is a great way to make a melted snowman. Lay out some parchment paper, wax paper or foil. Spread some hot glue into a puddle shape. Now add pipe cleaner, paper or foam board for the nose. You can add beads or googly dots for the eyes and mouth. You can also add details, like a mouth, with a Sharpie after the glue dries. Glue on a string or hook and you have a cute melted snowman ornament.

Old puzzle pieces can make a great snowflake! Take small puzzle pieces and hot-glue them together at the ends in a circular pattern. Once glued, you can paint them white or any color you want. If they are larger pieces, you can use a foam circle in the middle like we did. Add embellishments or glitter as well. Glue on a string, and this was way too easy!

Another ornament from leftover items is a face from an old Mason jar lid. We had an extra so we made a reindeer. It could have been a person, elf, Santa, snowman or anything else you can think of. Start with a clean lid and paint the front your color of choice. We used brown. After the paint was dry, we hot-glued on eyes and a nose. We added clothes pins for the antlers and added a tie to hang with on top. You could use pipe cleaner for the antlers as well. Add any extras you want or even a name and you are done!

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

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