The great outdoors inspire these craft projects

Inspired by Nature 

Crafty local mom Shannon Fisher takes a cue from the great outdoors for this month’s craft projects.

By Shannon Fisher

Photos by Shannon Fisher Photography

March is here and we’ve been enjoying the amazing spring-like weather! If you’re like me and can’t grow plants of any kind, these crafts are for you. These crafts can go in your garden for all to enjoy.

Fairy Gardens

Fairy gardens are cute and easy to make. To create this magical craft, we bought a planter at the dollar store and little statues to put inside. We used pine bedding for ours since we used fake plants, but you can fill up the planter with soil if you want to use real plants. If using real plants, place them in the soil before moving on to the next step. Next, on top of the soil or bedding, add some small stones or rocks. We covered the surface with a thin layer of stones. We then added the mushroom house, fake moss rocks, and other trinkets to the garden. This is a fun way to create a mini garden for fairies, leprechauns, or whatever else your kids can imagine to enjoy this sweet little space.

Hanging Air Plants

Hanging air plants are very popular right now and we lucked out finding a hanging terrarium holder at the dollar store. We used pebbles at the bottom and fake plants again, but to use a real plant, it’s not too complicated to take care of. Choose an air plant from a nursery like a succulent. Soak the plant in water to make sure it is thoroughly watered. Place the plant in the terrarium. Add pebbles, rocks, or décor of your choice around the plant. Spray the plants with water two to three times a week and soak in the water bath again every couple of weeks. Hang your lovely air garden in a spot of your choice for all to see.

Wire Sculptures

Wire sculptures are a great way to dress up a garden space. We used green floral wire since it was easy to bend with our hands. Again, we found this at the dollar store, but any craft store should carry it. My daughter decided on a simple four-leaf clover and we used it in an outside area for decoration. You can shape the wire to any design your want. I hope you enjoy your wire sculpture!


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