Team Spirit

Football is the most popular way of showing school pride

By Jadyn Fisher

At any high school, being involved in clubs or sports or just showing team spirit is what can make or break those four years of your life. There are plenty of opportunities for involvement, but one of the most mainstream and popular options is sports, especially football.

Most people sit in the stands and cheer for their team with their friends, but for some, being on the field is a huge part of their high school lives.

Sandra Day O’Connor High School sophomore Aiden Simonton is entering his second year on the football team and they recently participated in the football camp in California. The camp helped then home their skills and build chemistry, which is what makes their team so strong.

Simonton says it’s a great way to build a strong group of friends and meet lots of new people.

“The summer camp has definitely helped me with conditioning and practice,” Simonton says.

The experience helped Simonton bond with teammates he may not have otherwise spoken to.

“Our coach put us in rooms with people we didn’t know so we would talk,” he says. “Camp helped us become a family because we were not allowed to have our phones at camp so the friends that I made at camp I never thought I would have.”

With morning runs at 5 a.m. followed by two practices (morning and afternoon), they still found some time to visit Six Flags or the beach. This further enhanced their bonds that will only grow in the following few years.

If that sounds like a lot, try their schedule for the normal school year. They have to be at school early every day and then have a lifting class the last few periods of the school day. They practice for two hours a day, six days a week in the evening.

Football also inspires them to do well in school and focus on their classes to stay on the team.

“Football has enhanced my high school experience because it has allowed me to make new friends and has motivated me to do more with high school,” Simonton says. “The advice I would give people just starting out on the team to never be late and pay attention in school. School is the most important part about football because if you have bad grades you won’t be able to play until you get them up.”

For more information to get involved with sports on your campus, visit your home school website or contact the head of athletics.

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