Swimming for Success

By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski

EVO wants to be Anthem’s community swim school

EVO Swim School founder David Tait is hoping Anthem residents believe in his product as much as he does.

Tait is hoping to open a school near Kerry’s Car Care at Norterra Fiesta, at North Valley and Norterra parkways, in Anthem.

First, EVO—which has other schools in Gilbert and Queen Creek—needs 750 interested families to submit their contact information to show interest at evoswim.com before April 30. Further development will follow.

“We’re patterning this one in the same way,” Tait says. “It has an indoor pool for swimming lessons, heated to 89 degrees. That’s ideal for babies and young kids, and anybody who is learning to swim.”

Children are taught in five steps. First, kids are introduced to the water to help them build confidence. Next, they are taught basic swimming skills for backyard fun and survival, if necessary. Third, students are introduced to “form” swimming for efficiency in the water, and as the first step to learning the four competitive strokes. Finally, the children refine their form, improve their endurance and further their love of water.

If desired, the students are introduced to swimming as a sport.

Tait makes an ideal coach, as he is a three-time state champion and state record holder, a junior national champion, senior national qualifier and competitor at the 2000 U.S. Olympic Trials.

He has more than 20 years of experience teaching children, teenagers and adults how to swim. Tait says his passion is helping kids learn how to swim and, like him, enjoy the sport.

“I coached as, basically, a job to get through college,” Tait says. “I never thought I would make it a career. I had one athlete who competed in the 2008 Olympic trials.”

After he married and started a family, he realized he needed to leave the field completely for a traditional job, or firmly plant his feet in the market. He opened EVO Swim School. North Phoenix is a logical place for his next facility.

“It’s really blossoming,” Tait says. “It’s a tight-knit community with lots of families. The most time I spend up there, I realize it’s an incredible community.”

Tait explains his demographics fit well with his model, as, like Gilbert, a lot of families in Anthem have disposable income.

“We were worried there wasn’t enough density yet,” he says. “To build a facility, we need a financial commitment and enough interest from the community to support something like that. We started talking to Marty (DeRito, developer). He was really active and supportive in helping me meet key people in the community and to help me gather interest.

“If we can garner the interest, we’re going to jump on this thing, move quickly and be open by spring of next year.”

EVO Swim School’s approach to aquatic instruction inspired our company name and motto: “Where learning to swim has evolved.”

Outside of EVO, Tait is the director of the Rio Salado Swim Club, one of the largest competitive clubs in the state, and serves as a board member for Arizona Swimming Inc.

“Our primary goal will be to teach children to be safe around water,” he says. “During this process, children and parents will naturally be introduced to an activity that can be fun and provide much-needed exercise in a totally new environment—water.”

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