Stir ‘Krazy’

The Jennings family brings affordable coffee to Phoenix

By Eric Newman

After decades of restaurant and food service work, Connor and Heather Jennings fulfilled their dream of owning their own business.

The couple is celebrating its third anniversary of owning Krazy4Koffee, a local coffee shop and deli located at 711 E. Carefree Highway, Phoenix. It purchased coffee locally, and also specializes in made-to-order sandwiches, wraps, smoothies, pastries and coffee using local ingredients.

“We always liked coffee, and this place seemed to fit with what we needed,” Connor Jennings says.

To elaborate on the menu, the store offers affordable coffee (a regular cup starts at just $1.87) with options for different flavors, such as French press or cappuccino. Blended favorites ($4.45 to $6.99) include the Al Pacino (chocolate, white chocolate or caramel) and The Elvis (white chocolate/peanut butter/banana/espresso).

Smoothies are $4.70 and come in peach, “strawnana,” “superberry” or tropical. For the health-conscious customer, there is The Hulk (almond milk, spinach and banana), and the Tropical Hulk, both of them are $6.75. The frozen lemonade (plain, strawberry or tropical) is ideal for summer at $4.70.

Krazy4Koffee also offers food, such as the made-to-order breakfast sandwich ($4.70) and deli sandwiches ($6.25 to $7.25) like turkey club, Southwestern, chicken Caesar, Buffalo chicken, Italian hero, Italian outlaw, club, ham and swiss as well as  chicken or tuna salad. Many of the items are available for catering local events.

The Jennings family is the third owner of Krazy4Koffee since it was established in 2011. So, when they purchased the shop, it came with a base of regulars.

“Really, we renamed a couple drinks, added a few things here or there, or took a couple things out that weren’t going to be as popular,” Jennings says. “We wanted to try to put our own spin on it but keep the same energy of the place.”

Krazy4Koffee is the definition of a family-owned business. The store has hired one or two outside employees, and Jennings will likely look for some help as Heather is set to give birth soon. However, the majority of the staff are relatives or close friends.

While Anthem and the North Valley are growing, local businesses could be at a premium. The true local flavor of a couple who loves the area is a real selling point.

“We pride ourselves on being a small family business. That’s something we’ll always have on the big chains, and we hope people appreciate that,” Jennings says.

The process has not always been easy, though. Previous owners had promised a week of training to the new crew, but “bailed” after about two days. Years of making and serving drinks and food, along with an innate ability for customer service, have made for a smooth transition.

“We basically got thrown into the fire,” he says. “We learned as we went, and then the repetition when we were new to it made a big difference. Now everything feels really comfortable.”

While the Krazy4Koffee owners are still trying to have their presence known to more Anthem and North Phoenix residents, the reactions from the public have been comforting. The shop and its staff often receive compliments on both their products and high-level service.

Once a customer shows up once, Jennings knows he can keep them coming back for years to come.

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