Showing Gratitude

By Shannon Fisher

These fall crafts are perfect conversation starters

November is a great month to share what we are thankful for. These crafts are an easy way to share what we love or are grateful for.

Pumpkins left over from last month or on super sale can be used for a simple November decoration. You can paint the pumpkin white or leave the natural color. Tie a cute ribbon to the stem and leave in a spot with a permanent marker so family members can write on it the things they are thankful for. This makes a great Thanksgiving centerpiece or conversation starter.

Another fun thing is making a gratitude game. You can use colored straws or painted chopsticks. You will need about 25 sticks. You can play the game like pickup sticks. To shorten the game, everyone can pick a stick from a jar with their eyes closed and share their thought depending on what color they pick.

Here are a few things to be thankful for and their associated colors:

• Red: People

• Orange: Places

• Green: Things in nature

• Blue: School items

• Purple or other colors: Your choice.

You can create a list that aligns with your family. To play, take a handful of sticks and drop them. Each player picks up a stick without moving other sticks or they cannot keep that stick. They answer the gratitude question for the color they chose. The person with the most sticks at the end wins.

Last, it’s easy to make thankful rocks or stones. Paint the rocks with what you are thankful for and give as gifts or use as decorations. Type or write words you’d like to use and glue them to clear stones. You can decorate them with color pencils or markers as well. These make cute placeholders as well if you want to add names.

Wishing everyone a month full of fun crafting and reflection on everything we have to be thankful for. 

Shannon Fisher is a local wife, mom of two girls and owner of Shannon Fisher Photography. She taught high school and elementary art before opening her photography business.

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