Show those you cherish just how much you adore them with these love-themed crafts


Show those you cherish just how much you adore them with these love-themed crafts.

By Shannon Fisher

Photos by Shannon Fisher Photography

Tie-dye Hearts

Tie-dye coffee filter hearts are an easy way to show your love. Start with some coffee filters and fold them all in half. Draw a heart shape on the folded filter, cut along the line, and open to see the heart shape. Now place the filter heart on a marker safe surface. We used a paper plate. Next, color the heart with marker spots. This is easy for even toddlers to do since they can just scribble all over the heart. After you’re done, drip water on the hearts to make the tie-dye effect. Allow the hearts to dry and then hang as decorations. You can also use them for cards or attach them to a canvas or board with clear glue.

Heart Garland

Another easy Valentine’s craft that can be used as holiday décor is a heart garland. Use 8-inch by 12-inch standard cardstock in any color of your choice. Cut the paper into half-inch strips. Fold all the strips in half. Next, stack one folded piece to another piece, lines up at the seams and use your stapler to staple the bottom of two strips together. Fold down the strips to a heart shape and continue stapling the bottom of the heart to the next strip until you have the length you want. You can add messages on the sides of the hearts as well. Use a ribbon or string to hang the garland up as a decoration or use as a countdown to a special day.

Love Notes

Love notes or affirmations are a quick and easy craft to show someone you care. Start with colored sticky notes. Write something special on each sticky note. You can write something as simple as, “I love you!” Continue by writing heartfelt words on each sticky note. Place them on a mirror or wall area in the shape of a heart. We used a pad of sticky notes for a small heart. You can even add a new note each day as a countdown to Valentine’s Day. This is sure to make someone feel special.


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