Share the love with these group craft projects

Season of Thanks 

Share the love with these group craft projects.

By Shannon Fisher

Photos by Shannon Fisher Photography

A chill is in the air finally and there is much to be thankful for! Here are some crafts that can spread the love. I asked a group of my girls’ friends how they would show gratitude and love to others. They said painted rocks. They are easy to make and spread the love around. Start with a smooth rock found or purchased. Paint the background white or a lighter color and allow to dry. Once dry you can write on them with a sharpie. You can include words of encouragement or anything positive. Give to friends and family to share your positive messages!

Thankful trees can be made with a cork and paint. Start with a paper or thicker matte board like we used. We cut the tree trunk out of construction paper and glued it down on the paper. Get fall paint colors like red, orange, and yellow on a plate. Next, use a cork from any bottle that you may have around and use the cork as stamp. We used a champagne cork, since it was what we had on hand. Plus, it’s large easy to grasp. Now dip the end of the cork in paint and stamp the tree with “fall leaves.” After the paint dries, you can add things you are thankful for around the tree with a permanent marker or just leave it as is. Enjoy creating a tree of thanks.

Gratitude banners are a great group project. We started with a dollar store tablecloth taped to the outside wall. We found we needed to tape the bottom too or the wind would catch the banner and fold it up. Using brown paint, the kids painted a trunk. Next, we laid out acrylic paint in the aforementioned fall colors on plates. To stamp leaves with our hands, we used a paintbrush to apply the paint to our palms and then we high-fived the wall. We all took turns using the red, yellow, and orange paint until we’d filled the tree with handprints. After the paint dries, you can write out words of gratitude and encouragement. I hope your banner is full of things you are grateful for.

This season, I’m thankful for great friends and family and all the wonderful people that share they have made crafts from this article. I love hearing the fun things you’ve created. Happy fall!




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