Ridgeline Academy charter school recognized for student achievement, community partnerships

School of Distinction 

Ridgeline Academy charter school recognized for student achievement, community partnerships.

By Kristine Burnett

Ridgeline Academy, a North Phoenix K-8 tuition-free public charter school, recently became the second school in Phoenix to achieve the coveted Core Knowledge School of Distinction designation. The recognition distinguishes Ridgeline Academy as a school of excellence, committed to providing a rigorous and enriching learning environment that fosters critical thinking and academic excellence.

Since opening in August 2012, Ridgeline Academy has been committed to Core Knowledge, a curriculum developed by E.D. Hirsch, Jr., an American literary critic and educator. Core Knowledge is distinguished for its distinctive approach to teaching and developing skills that promote literacy and responsible citizenship. This includes following the Core Knowledge Sequence, which outlines cumulative grade-level content recommendations that complement and extend beyond state education requirements.

Ridgeline Academy was granted Core Knowledge School of Distinction recognition by the Core Knowledge Foundation following an exhaustive application and review process. Beyond demonstrating successful curriculum implementation and academic outcomes, the school was evaluated during an Analysis of Curriculum and Practices (ACAP) site visit by foundation staff in early May.

“The years-long journey to become a Core Knowledge School of Distinction has been an incredibly worthwhile endeavor,” says Keven Barker, school director of Ridgeline Academy. “This is a testament to our teachers and staff who embrace and educate students using the principles and philosophies outlined by the Core Knowledge Foundation.”

Among many things, reviewers specifically praised the school for demonstrating outstanding grade-level collaboration between teachers and strong school-community partnerships.

“The school cultivates strong home-to-school connections through close communication with parents/guardians,” says Core Knowledge School Support and Curriculum Specialist Christina Erland.

The Core Knowledge curriculum is widely embraced by parents, who see the continuity of their children’s learning through various subjects in ways that enrich their experiences within the walls of Ridgeline Academy.

“I have two kids at Ridgeline, and they’re often learning about the same topics at the same time, just tailored to their levels of understanding,” says Andrea Oglesby, the mother of second and fourth grade students.

“We attribute the success of our students to clear and consistent use of the Core Knowledge curriculum, dedicated teaching staff, involved parents, and a devoted parent-teacher organization that helps us find fun and creative ways to bring to life what our students are learning,” Keven says.





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