Pounding Sand

Beach volleyball team is dedicated to creating a successful season

By Jadyn Fisher

Sports — whether you are playing them or watching them — are a huge part of the high school experience you dream of in middle school. Whether you are a sports fanatic or just a supporter, being involved is what makes all the difference between an amazing experience and a not-so-amazing one.

Beach (or sand) volleyball is one of the lesser-known sports to the public, but to the highly involved student athletes on the team, it takes the gold. With just as much motivation and only two people on one side of the court at a time, the level of dedication has to be much higher to create a successful team.

Kalyn Boothe, a freshman on Sandra Day O’Connor High School’s varsity sand team, has been playing volleyball for six years through various clubs and organizations. Recently she was voted “rising star” by her teammates and coach. She has big things coming her way in her volleyball career. The biggest difference she has seen between sand volleyball and indoor is the attitude people have toward it.

“Sand volleyball is a lot more laid back than indoor,” Boothe says.

This being said, people have a lot more lenient attitude toward the sport which allows for less stress on and off the court for everyone involved. Less stress makes the experience much more enjoyable, but doesn’t take away from the engaging games that leave you wanting to see more.

With all the volleyball year-round, it can be difficult to keep the passion alive, but Boothe finds no trouble with it since she has the new experience of playing beach volleyball on a high school level.

“My experience has been so fun! I met a lot of new friends that I’ll have relationships with for a long time,” Boothe says.

These relationships not only allow for a stronger bond on the court, but off the court as well. Having a support system as you go throughout high school is key to staying motivated. Whether it’s through a club, group of friends or, in this case, sports team, most people can agree the people you surround yourself with is what makes or breaks certain aspects of your school life.

As a final piece of advice to any upcoming freshman or anyone seeking to pursue their hobbies on a higher level, Boothe says, “Just keep putting in the hard work and good things will happen!”

For more information on sports available near you, visit your home school’s sports department.

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