Local students find success with online learning programs

Local students find success with online learning programs

By Jadyn Fisher

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As technology advances, in-person summer school classes and makeup credit classes seem to be a thing of the past. Online schooling is taking over in-person classes for districts across the world and making it easier than ever to accomplish more in less time. Deer Valley Unified School District is no exception to this with their elaborate online system that allows students to fit a year’s worth of classes into just six short weeks over the summer.

When deciding which electives I wanted to take for the next year, there were many things that interested me and physical education was not one of them. I met with my guidance counselor and talked about the online route for health and fitness center as an alternative to the yearlong in-person class. Doing this would open up my schedule to a third elective, which would allow me to do more of what I’m interested in. Also, Arizona summers can be brutally hot, so I decided to enroll for the six-week online course and a few friends did as well.

I had the honor of interviewing Kayla How-ard, one of the many DVUSD online summer students. Kayla, an incoming freshman at Sandra Day O’ Connor High School as well, agreed it’s more efficient to get the class done in a shorter time frame while still learning all, if not more of the health-related content.

She liked that she could take two classes in only six weeks and says she used the extra space in her schedule for a dance elective. She says with in-person classes, you do more group projects to learn off each other, but with online classes you can still talk in the group and comment on other people’s work and posts. Kayla felt online course work was challenging, but worth it.


I agree the course work was difficult to complete in the short time frame, but it proved to be worth it to have this credit completed before my freshman year. I feel that on-line differs from in-person classes because it puts more accountability on the student. It’s up to the student to make sure they complete all of the assignments before the deadline. A question I asked myself before signing up for online physical education was how it would work not being with a teacher in person. To complete the classes, you fill out performance logs, take accountability photos and videos, and complete various assignments that are posted online. For a lot of the assignments, the students post on a team talk board and we can comment on each other’s work. This gives you peer feedback and interaction.

Of course health and fitness center are not the only classes DVUSD online has to offer. They offer courses such as English, math, science, foreign language, electives, and any other courses students may need to take for credit recovery. It allows students of any age to get ahead or back on track if needed with their peers. These online options allow students to get more credits to graduate early or have half days in their final years of high school.


To learn more, go to dvusd.org/onlinelearning or contact your guidance counselor.


Jadyn Fisher
Jadyn is a freshman at Sandra Day O’ Connor High School. She is an active part of her school and community and looks forward to bringing awareness to community education programs.

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