North Valley Community Church takes shape

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North Valley Community Church takes shape.

By Nadine Bubeck

Located off the I-17 and Jomax, you’ll eventually find the new nine-acre North Valley Community Church. It’s a parachute church plant, meaning the lead pastor moved into the Valley not knowing a soul—kind of like jumping out of a plane and landing in the heart of Phoenix. After relocating to Arizona, church heads hit the ground running, eager to welcome community members into their religious establishment.

Meet Ryan Rice, the lead pastor of North Valley Community Church. Ryan and his family moved to Arizona in 2010, seeking a perfect place to plant their religious roots. In September of 2015, they closed on the church property, and since then, they’ve put forth big plans in making their big dreams a reality.

Truth is, there’re a lot of Valley churches: a lot of wonderful religious establishments. But Ryan says his church is different, crediting their location, leadership, feel, and services

Their vision is pretty cool. They purchased a former wedding venue, which is currently being transformed into a chapel. According to Ryan, they saw the property as a blessing in disguise; where many anticipated problems, they saw opportunity. The property flaunts a Southwest desert oasis-type feel and style; don’t be fooled by the freeway frontage. The old house you see from the road will eventually be an office and ministry housing.

The leadership is also pretty hip. Ryan runs the church alongside his friends (and now co-workers).

“We’re light-hearted, passionate, fun, and committed. Kind of like the three amigos,” explains Ryan.

The nine-acre project currently in the works will offer an abundance of religious groups, activities, festivals, concerts, outdoor movies, weddings, events, and more. The location will not only provide a permanent place of worship, but will also give children a place to learn and grow. As an adoptive parent, Ryan is passionate about giving all children a safe place to find happiness. He is very much involved in helping our statewide foster care crisis.

Some insider features in the plans: a 9-11 memorial cross, kids area, prayer gardens, custom build furniture, bee hives (“Holy Honey”), and community recreation space.

Their thought process is pretty forward-thinking as well; they have no expectation that people walk in the door believing everything they teach. In addition, they like to have fun and reach anyone looking for spiritual guidance. Services feature re-written old hymns, new songs, and contemporary music. Simply put: they’re all about the community; it’s their middle name.

They expect to open their doors mid August.

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