Lexus GS-F Sedan This luxury car has an impressive list of goodies

By C.A. Haire

Lexus has a reputation for building excellent luxury cars. Every now and then the factory slips in a performance package to compete with the potent high-horsepower European vehicles. This is the case with this GS-F four-door sedan. On the outside, it looks similar to the common Lexus sedans. But look closely, and you’ll see the quad exhaust pipes sticking out, suggesting there are more items of interest—and there are.

The GS-F has an impressive list of goodies, starting with a powerful 487 horsepower V-8, hooked to an eight-speed automatic transmission. The paddle shifters on the steering wheel allow manual gear selection, if desired. This is all hooked to a torque vectoring differential.

For cornering ability, there are large lightweight alloy wheels with performance tires—255/35R19 in front, and 275/35R19 in rear. A powerful car like this needs to have stopping ability, so Brembo ventilated brake rotors with six-piston calipers in front, and four-pistons in the rear provide this service. A control knob allows Eco, Normal, Sport, Sport+ or Custom mode, which adjusts suspension and gearbox performance.

There are plenty of luxury items standard, too. The issued items are navigation, radar cruise, voice command, satellite radio, leather trim, moon roof and power everything for a start. This explains the starting price of $84,350. With options like a heads up display, trunk mat and a Mark Levinson 835 watt stereo with 17 speakers, the tab reached $87,985.

For this fee, we get a car that’s a blast to drive. The 0 to 60 mph time is reached in the claimed 4.4 seconds, and handling ability on tight curved mountain roads is excellent. The noise from that quad exhaust lets everyone know you are coming, including the traffic cops, so pay attention in this powerful machine. For long highway trips, just put the computer control in the Normal mode, and enjoy a comfortable ride. In the 500 miles we put on the clock, the only gripe is fuel economy. It is claimed to be 16/24 mpg, which I found to be accurate. But with an engine cranking this much power, and the temptation to use it (we did), it is not realistic to expect better consumption, not on this two-ton machine.

Overall, this car is an excellent choice for a buyer who wants performance with their luxury. The Lexus reliability is an extra bonus.

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