It’s a Family Affair

Sweeteez delivers homemade cookies with a sense of humor

Story & Photos by Octavio Serrano

Opening a restaurant can be daunting, but these three sisters can’t seem to stop laughing. This energetic vibe is what makes Sweeteez the place for families to visit.

Chelsea Jenkins of Mesa, Brooke Giffin of Scottsdale and Hilari Jackson of Phoenix opened the doors to Sweeteez in May, introducing the 85085 neighborhood to gourmet, homemade cookies. And if customers don’t feel like making the drive after 6 p.m., Sweeteez will deliver cookies to them. Thursday to Saturday it delivers to: 85383, 85085, 85310, 85382, 85308, 85381, 85306, 85053, 85027, 85024, 85023, 85022, 85331, 85050, 85032, 85054, 85254, 85255, 85260 and 85083.

“It’s hard work but it’s mostly fun,” Giffin says. “It’s very much a family affair.”

Sweeteez offers a wide range of treats, from the traditional to the fun. Describing the cookies as ones “your grandma would make,” Giffin says Sweetez’s choices include warm chocolate peanut butter cookies and chilled frosted sugar cookies, both of which are $10 for a box of four.

What makes Sweeteez a creative place is that it continues to update its menu. It has a sweet and brownie of the month, so expect new things to pop up on the menu.

Guests who want something new can try the Chocolate Explosion Brownie ($10), which comes with rich chocolate frosting, sprinkles and chips. Tired of chocolate? The Aloha Strawberry ($10) takes a classic sugar cookie and adds toasted coconut and strawberry cream cheese frosting. A strawberry on top finishes the cookie, which was featured in July.

Other flavors include lemonade cookie, Rice Crispy treats, chilled frosted sugar cookies and warm snickerdoodle cookies.

Milk, soda and ice cream are also sold.

More than just a sweets and cookie shop, Sweeteez has transformed into a family-friendly hangout.

“It’s a great place to come after you are celebrating something or if you want a little treat,” Giffin says. “Yesterday, every table was filled with families and everybody was playing games.”

The environment Sweeteez brings is as important as the treats it serves. As soon as the doors open, customers are welcomed by a clean and open space. The large “Sweeteez” sign on the door is a nice contrast against the light-colored walls.

The pink and blue bright colors and the excellent customer service make it a place to call home. A Christmas tree sits in the corner, and Giffin goes as far as dressing as Santa to visit with kids.

Sweeteez may be new, but the Scottsdale-raised siblings have been working together for some time. After catering for 18 years, they took their cookies to customers’ homes from a subleased kitchen.

The Sweeteez gals may be busy, but they haven’t forgotten the community that helped their business grow.

They grew up in Scottsdale and spent quite a lot of time in the North Valley and they want to give back to the community that has supported them in their endeavors.

“We’ve collected school supplies with our Christmas in July project to give back to kids who need school supplies,” Giffin says. “In the past, we have picked a charity where we did deliveries and then on Mondays, we gave a portion of those proceeds to different charities. We’re trying to incorporate more philanthropic things within our business structure because it’s good to give back.”

In addition, Sweeteez has discounts for military and teachers.

For the Smith sisters, however, Sweeteez is not just a business but more of a longtime passion project.

The skills in the kitchen attract customers, but the sisters’ energy keeps them coming back. As they talk to each other, they can’t help but tell jokes and laugh. Their laughter is as contagious and endearing as anything else that Sweeteez has to offer.

“We really are living a dream come true,” Giffin says. “If you work hard and keep working hard for a long time, eventually things work out. That’s the truth.”

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