Game Day Décor: Five tips from The Stylish Table’s party playbook

Game Day Décor 

Five tips from The Stylish Table’s party playbook.

By Joyce Laszloffy

Photos by Stephanie Heymann Photography

With football season upon us, there’s no better time to host a party. I’m going to go out on a limb here and be really honest, I’m not a football fan. Actually, I’m not a fan of any team sports, but that doesn’t stop me from throwing a party.

Who doesn’t love a good party? Whether you’re a fan or not, there’s a certain draw to the big game and something nostalgic about football in the fall and winter. It’s a time for tailgate parties, warm cups of cocoa snuggled under that cozy plaid blanket, and feeling the cool crisp air.

Check out these vintage game day décor party ideas stylized fittingly on a beautiful high school football field in the North Valley. They’re perfect for game day, tailgating, and sure to make your table a touchdown!

TIP #1

When starting the creation of any design, I begin with one picture or object that inspires me. I call it my inspiration piece. For this football party my inspiration was a trophy cup. Yes, trophies!

TIP #2

Forget the plastic tablecloth from the party store. To drape this table, I used a burlap tablecloth that I purchased from Amazon. For the “football field” effect, buy a small piece of turf grass from your local hardware store and cut it to your table’s dimensions.

TIP #3

I love hanging banners from the front of any buffet table to dress it up. Banners look great hanging from the tailgate of your pickup truck too! Find these adorable mini pennants on my website. Simply print and cut out, spray glue onto a piece of felt, and string together with jute.

TIP #4

Score some decorative points with a football helmet! I bought a costume helmet on Amazon for only $14, but Halloween stores will have them too. I spray painted mine matte brown (to avoid rivalry and keep the vintage look) and used gaffers tape to add a white stripe.

TIP #5

Turn inexpensive, ordinary water bottles into the extraordinary with these simple, free football water bottle labels. Simply cut and spray glue onto any bottle to “wow” your guests!

To download any of these free party printables, go to and click on Joyce’s blog, Table Talk, where you can easily link to these downloads and shop this theme!




Notre Dame Preparatory High School

Water Bottle Labels:

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