Fresh Start

New Year’s resolutions apply to DVUSD, too

By Dr. Curtis Finch, Deer Valley Unified School District Superintendent

When most people think of the New Year, they concentrate on how to start fresh with new behaviors, routines or life perspectives; New Year’s resolutions are all about starting over.

Forbes reports “only 25% actually stay committed to those resolutions after 30 days and only 8% accomplish them.” What does it mean? Are the tasks too hard? Is the job too difficult? I think success lies in one simple concept: accountability toward a plan.

Deer Valley Unified School District did not become one of the best school districts in Arizona by chance, it was by commitment to a purpose; we call it our strategic plan.

The plan is designed with input from impacted people like community members, parents, students and staff. It has guiding values like respect, accountability, integrity, is student driven and excellence that should live on for decades because of their foundational quality. It has timelines, check-in points, objectives to reach and the ability to be adjusted over time when new data arrives. These same concepts can be used with New Year’s resolutions.

If your commitments do not have a foundation, timelines, purpose and objectives they will be hard to keep. If you do not have an accountable “swimming buddy” to help encourage you on your progress, the resolutions will eventually be forgotten. DVUSD is committed to becoming the best school district in all of Arizona and we are well into this journey because of our commitment to this plan.

Did you know DVUSD’s Strategic Plan has produced a No. 2 Ranking from KTAR for the best AZ School District, the only school district on Forbes’ Top 50 Businesses to work at over 500 employees, 92% A and B school letter grades, 24 out of 38 A-rated schools, 41% A-Plus School of Excellence Awards, as well as multiple local, regional, state and national awards? This string of excellence comes from a dedicated staff accountable to the district and community—striving to push each other to new heights of excellence.

New Year’s resolutions can follow DVUSD’s formula for success by choosing solid values, a quality plan, dedicated purpose and accountability partners to that end. Commitment is an #extraordinary trait of the DVUSD system. The awards keep coming in, so come assist us in becoming the best school district in all of Arizona; we are so close, you can help us keep this resolution.

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