Finding a Bigger Purpose

Finding a Bigger Purpose

Nicole Hoffmann cites service as her source of happiness during her senior year

By Emma Suttell

Senior Class Homecoming Queen. When most think of the title, they might think back to their own senior class. The Homecoming Queen title can carry a few assumptions and stereotypes along with it, but Boulder Creek student Nicole Hoffmann radiates all of the positive qualities the title represents.

Hoffmann, this year’s Senior Class Homecoming Queen, is not only a class favorite, but also an active member of National Honor Society, previous president of Interact Club (a large volunteering organization), straight-A and 4.0 GPA student, beloved babysitter and active community volunteer.

Growing up in the Anthem community, Hoffmann is surrounded by those she loves, inspiring her to give back to those that have made a difference in her own life. Since living in Anthem, she has formed an incredible bond with community members as a familiar face at volunteer events, church programs, elementary school tennis club and babysitting nights. Hoffmann is nothing like your average high school student – she has spent hours upon hours getting to know those in the community and finding ways in which she can better serve them. An outright selfless, kindhearted, dedicated individual, Hoffmann is a standout student at Boulder Creek High School.

At the beginning of the school year, Hoffmann joined with two of her classmates to design a soccer tournament that would donate funds to Students Supporting Brain Tumor Research, an organization that helps student leaders learn about running a nonprofit while raising funds for those involved with brain cancer research. Hosting numerous practices and info sessions paid off for Hoffmann and her two friends: Altogether, the girls raised $750 with the support of several parents and players in the game. Inspired by her own athletic aptitude and ability, not only does Hoffmann assist in unique events such as her charity soccer tournament, but she also invests her time in the youth of Anthem. Hoffmann works with tennis coaches and second-graders at several Anthem elementary schools to help coach practices. So far, each supervisor has noted that Hoffmann is an absolute joy to work with and a great role model for the students at each practice.

Even after creating her own successful event, Hoffmann didn’t hesitate to help others in achieving their own success. Hoffmann went on to serve with Youth For Troops, an organization recently credited with the Anthem Area Chamber of Commerce Nonprofit of the Year Award. Hoffmann assists in constructing care packages for service members overseas, as well as holding flags for numerous days when veterans promenade through the flag-laden path for special events. While consistently serving with Youth For Troops, Hoffmann also chose to join a team of servers for a restaurant-themed event at St. Vincent de Paul to support the homeless. Hoffmann had the opportunity to meet with people from all walks of life as she connected with those she served. “This was one of my favorite volunteer opportunities,” Hoffmann says. “The people were all so grateful for all we had done.”

Watching the happiness she is able to give other people is what truly motivates Hoffmann and her selfless lifestyle. “The relationships you build with other volunteers and the people you’re helping is so important,” Hoffmann says. “Together you’re all able to help the community in different ways.”

After spending countless hours with those she babysits and those she watches on weekends during church services, Hoffmann began to notice she had fallen in love with one thing in particular: helping children. She decided that since her service with young children had impacted her so much, it was something that she should consider doing for the rest of her life. As of December, Hoffmann has decided to become a physician’s assistant who specializes in pediatrics. She has been accepted to Grand Canyon University’s Honors College on the Chancellor Scholarship, GCU’s most prestigious scholarship that will award Hoffmann $10,000 per year to fund her education.

“Volunteering has really impacted me because it lets me take a step back and look at the bigger purpose of life,” Hoffmann says, taking another step toward a future of helping people, just as she has been doing throughout her high school career.

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