Fall Fun

Fall Fun

Wood pumpkins, leaf faces and scarecrows, oh my!


Story and photos by Shannon Fisher

Fall is finally here in AZ! Here are some easy crafts to celebrate.

Wood pumpkins are fun to paint and decorate. We ordered ours from a local wood maker, but they sell them at crafts stores as well. You can use acrylic paint to make the colors of your choice. You can also use paper covered with Mod Podge to create another look. You can even use markers if you want to go the simple route. My girls enjoyed coming up with their own colors and design for the pumpkins. Overall, we love this since you can be as creative as you want in decorating your gourds.

Another easy craft is making fall leaf faces. Kids love to add the eyes with glue and draw on details with a Sharpie marker. You can add the mouth, a nose and anything else you think the leaf needs. These can be added to a wreath, scattered around as décor, or hung on the fridge if you add a magnet to the back. Another way to use them is to write something you are thankful for on the back with a Sharpie. This is a great way to make an easy project with your kids and think about all of the things you can be thankful for. Hope you enjoy making leaf faces this month!

A third simple craft is a toilet paper roll scarecrow. Start by adding paint around the tube about half way down for the shirt or cover in paper. We covered the bottom with tissue paper and made the face with glued-on googly eyes and a marker for the mouth and nose. The hat is made from tissue paper as well. You can also use fabric or foam sheets. Next, you can use crinkle paper, yarn or pipe cleaners for hair like we did for ours. Add any other details you want with a Sharpie, and you have a cute scarecrow for your fall decorations!  

– Shannon Fisher is a local wife, mom of two girls and owner of Shannon Fisher photography. She taught high school and elementary art before opening her photography business.

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