Empowering Women

Amazing Lash Studio is about culture and comfort

By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski

When Angela Toth was returning to the workforce after staying at home with her children, she wanted to do something for herself.

She was getting her lashes done at Amazing Lash Studio and picked up a franchising pamphlet. She was sold.

“I needed to build my career for myself, rather than going to work for someone and working my way up through the corporate system,” she said. “I didn’t want to spend that much time away from home.”

Toth opened a studio in Norterra two years ago. The week of September 16, she expanded to Arrowhead.

“Before I opened Norterra, I spoke to a lot of women business owners and spoke to them about how they handle their work-life balance,” she says. “They had positive things to say. It was a lot of work.”

Founded in 2010, Amazing Lash Studio applies semi-permanent eyelash extensions with a proprietary, patented process to the clients’ lashes, replicating the curve and size of natural lashes.

The concept began franchising in 2013 and to date has nearly 218 open studios in 29 states.

Amazing Lash Studio offers four unique styles, a variety of lengths and thicknesses, and the customizable combinations to fit each guest’s specific look, are nearly endless. With proper care and regular maintenance visits, lash extensions can last for weeks. The brand stands behind the safety of its products and services too. Synthetic eyelashes are adhered about 1 millimeter away from the skin and Amazing Lash Studio only uses medical-grade adhesive.

Amazing Lash Studio—which boasts 12 lash rooms in a 2,000-square-foot office at Norterra—has a patented application process that enables a staff of licensed estheticians and cosmetologists to complete the service quickly.

To prepare Toth to open, Amazing Lash Studio’s corporate office sent trainers to Arizona. Toth says that was important, but creating a culture is vital.

“The support center provided training for us, just best practices, the manuals and such,” Toth says. “The human experience and the customer experience are important, too. There’s no teaching empathy. We have to create a culture. That part you definitely learn as you go.”

A Michigan native married to an orthopedic surgeon, Toth fell in love with the business after she used it.

“It’s instant gratification,” she says. “It really does make a difference in how you appear. For myself, when I don’t have lashes on, I look older and tired. With makeup and lashes, it takes a couple years off you.”

Toth’s stylists have heard this from their clients as well, she says.

“I was doing an interview for the support center for one of their presentations,” she says. “A member came in, an older woman who was divorced. She had gone to a retreat for the weekend, where you find yourself and start over.

“One of the rules was you couldn’t wear makeup. She said she was the only one with a set of lashes on and all the women were in awe. We’ve heard from female cancer survivors who have lost their hair but still have lashes. They get extensions and that comforts them.”

The 1,600-square-foot, 12 lash-room Arrowhead studio is celebrating its grand opening for a month. Toth is offering $20 off a full set until October 20 at Arrowhead. Toth’s goal is to be tenacious with customer service and to empower the staff.

“We’re new and everyone’s forming relationships,” she says. “This is when it’s vital to set the tone as far as what we expect in our culture. Obviously, we want to set the example.

“For Norterra, my biggest goal is to keep growing and have fun with it. The whole point is to have fun.”

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