Curtis’ Corner

It’s back-to-school time!

By Superintendent Curtis Finch Deer Valley Unified School District

It is that exciting time of year again: new sneakers, backpacks and pencils. A fresh school year is all about “new beginnings.”

Social media platforms and cellphone cameras will be sending pictures of smiling students throughout the cyber world to family members around the globe. There is only one first week of school each year!

We know it is time for the school season in AZ when:

• the monsoons finally arrive

• the “snowbirds” begin their return migration

• the temperature only drops to 90 degrees at night

• the hot steering wheel in your car requires two fingers to drive;

• the unheated swimming pool reaches 95 degrees. The last summer adventure has been completed and now it is time for school.

As a parent, the early days of school are a great opportunity to set your student up for success for the entire year.

Here are my top five tips:

• wean off of the summer bedtime hours ASAP

• go to the school to introduce your student to any new routines or staff members

• discuss with your student how you can help support them to make this school year, the “best year yet”

• talk to your student about opportunities for participation in clubs, groups or teams. Students who plug into groups outside of the classroom are better balanced, learn cooperation and leadership skills, and are more likely to succeed in school

• focus on developing a family routine of at least one meal together a day; this will provide a natural structure for school-day discussions throughout the year.

Have a great school year!

Dr. Curtis Finch is the superintendent of Deer Valley Unified School District and can be reached at

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