Christmas through the eyes of a child shows what the holiday is all about

Reason for the Season 

Christmas through the eyes of a child shows what the holiday is all about.

By David Bowen

Last month I was running some errands with my daughters. We stopped at the normal places; we first hit Costco and then Walmart. At both stops, as we entered the store, lights were illuminating huge Christmas displays. Obviously, all of us immediately thought, “Christmas, let’s go look!”

It’s always fun to watch kids’ eyes light up as they take in all the bright displays. This trip, it was particularly interesting to hear their comments. Errands placed on the back burner, the topic of Christmas was all that we talked about. My girls were talking about what Mom would like. Then they saw an item they thought one of their friends would like. Then they saw a display of decorations and they imagined what that would look like if we brought it home. One asked the question all of us were thinking, but up to this point no one dared to speak out loud, “Would Mom be mad if you bought that?” As we laughed and said, “No, she’d be fine,” I asked them if there was anything they’d want? Yes, I must admit it was a test. I was wondering if they were really thinking of others or were they thinking of themselves and their wants.

I have to take the majority of the blame for my girls’ love of Christmas because I love Christmas and all of their lives every year they have seen their Dad go Christmas crazy. It’s become increasingly obvious that Dad’s love for Christmas has been officially handed down from generation to generation and it’s amazing and refreshing to see and hear the joy of Christmas from their perspectives. Christmas through the eyes of a child is a wonderful blessing. It’s innocent; it’s exciting; and it’s full of celebration and giving.

The stores reek of materialism but young hearts and eyes explode with wonderment. That helps keep this jaded adult heart pure. There’s a reason for the season. There’re many who could use a loving touch this Christmas season. One of my girls wanted to bake cookies; another said we have to get the supplies to make our traditional chocolate peanut butter bars. Why? Because everyone else loves them! Again their focus was on sharing and giving, not getting. That’s a heart and an attitude I’m happy to support.

As we slowly walked down the aisles, stopping to appreciate the tempting displays, the questions continued to flow. Can we decorate for Christmas earlier this year? Can we invite friends over? Can we send shoe boxes (filled with gifts) to kids in Africa again this year? Are we going to give away food again this year? Do you know who we’re going to give it to? Is the church going to have a Christmas Eve service? Can we get Chinese food after Christmas Eve service? Can we invite so and so to go with us…?


I hadn’t realized this before but I believe it’s possible for kids to fire question after question without taking a breath! I’m not even sure they wanted answers; they seemed content in just asking questions. Again the purity, the innocence, the focus. There’s a reason for this season. May it be a blessed Christmas for you and your loved ones! Merry Christmas.





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