Christmas Crafts: Celebrate the season with these festive projects

Christmas Crafts

Celebrate the season with these festive projects.

By Shannon Fisher

Photos by Shannon Fisher Photography

December is one of my favorite months. We love to make ornaments and give homemade gifts.

Candy Sprinkles Ornaments

Candy sprinkles ornaments are so easy and fun. Start with a clear plastic bulb ornament and fill it with colored sprinkles. If you want the sprinkles to be able to move when jostled, you can just fill the ornament half way. Another technique you can try: pour in some clear glue and roll it around inside the bulb, making sure to empty the extra glue out. Next, pour in the sprinkles and roll them around to coat the inside and dump out the extra sprinkles. You now have a cute and bright ornament to keep or give as a gift.

Reindeer Food

Reindeer food is a great family craft to make before the reindeer bring Santa to your house. Start with a bowl of dry oats and add some edible glitter or sugar crystals so it doesn’t hurt any animals that may sneak a taste. Mix together and sprinkle the mixture outside so the reindeer have a snack when they stop by. You can package the reindeer food in a jar as well and add a cute little note to make it the perfect gift to share.

Santa Cookie Plates

Santa cookie plates are another easy craft to make as a family. Start with a plain ceramic plate. We found ours at the dollar store. Before you create the design, wipe down the plate with rubbing alcohol to get any dirt or oil off the plate. Allow to dry. Next, use oil-based Sharpie markers to draw your picture on the plate. Once dry, you can bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes to set the colors. We left our plate to cool in the oven after we turned it off so it wouldn’t crack if we took it out too soon into the cool air. That can take an hour or more. Remember to only hand wash the plates, as scrubbing them or using the dishwasher may take off the design. Enjoy your Santa cookie plate and any other crafts you might make. Happy holidays! I hope everyone has a fun time crafting.


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