Celebrate the changing of the seasons with these fall projects

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Celebrate the changing of the seasons with these fall projects.

By Shannon Fisher

Photos by Shannon Fisher Photography

October is when it finally starts to feel like fall in Arizona. Crafts are a great way to celebrate the changing season and decorate your home. Here are a couple of my favorite crafts to ring in the cooler weather.

Zentangle Web

Zentangle webs are inspired by my girls’ art teacher at their school––Mrs. G. She loves to Zentangle and makes the most amazing pieces of art using intricate patterns and line usage. These creations can be relaxing to design.

Start with a basic spider web. You can draw one or print a template off the Internet. Zentangle art uses various line patterns and repetition to fill in an area, so you can use any design you want and can make them all different as well. This web was filled in with colored pens, but you can use fine point pens, pencils, markers, or anything else that has a fine tip to create the detailed art. It’s fun to see the end result of all your doodling.

Spider Design

Creating spiders with a toilet paper roll is a great craft for small hands. Take a toilet paper roll and cut half-inch slits at one end of the roll and fold the strips down. Next, dip the strips in paint and stamp them onto paper to create your spider. You may need to press on each strip to make a good print. If some don’t transfer, just use your paint brush to add the details. Allow the paint to dry and add a web, eyes, and other designs to your masterpiece.

Scratch Art

Scratch art is easy to make and you can create and design using very basic supplies. Start with white paper and color the whole sheet with crayons. This is good for fine motor coordination and teaching younger kids how to color the entire paper. Make sure to make the crayon layer thick, without any white peeking through. Next, cover the crayon by covering it with black paint. You can add a little dish soap to make the paint easier to spread over the crayon if you want. Once you’ve covered the entire page with the black paint, allow it to dry. Then, use a toothpick, stylus, or a pencil without the lead, to scratch your design onto the paper. The colors from the crayon will show through and create a colorful design. You can make the lines thin or wide depending on how much color you want to show through.


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