Business-based clubs expand DVUSD high school students’ horizons

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Business-based clubs expand DVUSD high school students’ horizons.

By Jadyn Fisher

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When enrolling for classes as a freshman just entering high school, I was overwhelmed with the amount of amazing clubs and programs that the Deer Valley Unified School District has to offer.

With my mom being a former teacher, I had a little more insight as to the different programs offered and what I would be able to gain from them. When talking to my peers, I realized that not everyone knows about these programs, so they may miss out on opportunities to expand their knowledge in a field that interests them. With that in mind, my hope for this monthly column is to inform people in the community of different programs that are available for students in 85085 that can enhance their educations as well as their interests in school.

For instance, Akshay, Nithin, and Vivek Ravi are triplets that recently graduated from Mountain Ridge High School. They’ve found great success in business-based clubs such as Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and DECA, but gained so much more than marketing and engineering skills than they originally anticipated.

These programs allowed the brothers to gain state and world titles. They partnered on a DECA international business plan and were awarded first in state as well as top 20 in the international competition for DECA. They also took first place for FBLA business ethics among other leadership awards. Nithin also got first on both the organizational leadership and economics test as well as the business ethics test in FBLA.

When they moved to the area as sophomores, they showed interest in the CTE marketing program offered at Mountain Ridge. From there, they joined DECA for the engineering aspects of the program and to enhance what they were learning about marketing in the classroom. They came out of the program with public speaking skills, more confidence in pursuing business, and the “soft skills” they did not expect to gain from the program. They feel that these skills aren’t typically learned in the classroom so being in FBLA and DECA gave them additional tools that they can use in any aspect of life, not just in business and marketing.

Being in programs like these also allow students to connect with other students in the program statewide. Career and technical student organizations, or CTSOs, send students to inter-school conferences to talk about the skills they’ve developed in the programs their school offers. Here, they can expand their knowledge and improve upon “soft skills” that they’ll use throughout life. These brothers learned how to write business plans, build confidence, and worked hand in hand with interns in graphic design and marketing while organizing their own conference.

All in all, you don’t have to necessarily be interested in business when you initially join DECA, FBLA, or any of the CTE programs offered at these schools. They are a way to discover new career pathways and even if you don’t end up following them, many can benefit from the networking skills learned. These new skills you develop help build confidence that can be used all throughout high school and beyond.


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