Back To School Time

Here are crafts and hacks to start the year off right

By Shannon Fisher

Back to school is around the corner for most Arizona schools. Here are some quick and easy ways to get ready for school!

Bobby pins are a cute way to dress up your hair. We used nail polish to paint designs on the pins. Allow to dry and you have quick and easy hair art. You can also use E-6000 glue to adhere jewels or beads for extra flair. A good travel or backpack tip is to pack them in a clean, empty Tic-Tac container. It seems our pins are always getting lost so this helps to keep them where we can find them. Now you have cute hair pins for back to school.

Stickers are great way to customize water bottles, folders, pencil boxes and other items taken to school. You can make them with parchment or wax paper, clear packing tape and images for the stickers. You can draw the designs, print them or use photos that you have printed.

Start with a piece of wax paper, then cover it with the clear packing tape. Next, place the sticker image that has been trimmed on top of the tape. Make sure there is space in between the stickers.

Now cover the stickers with more clear packing tape. Use your hands or a coin to rub all the air bubbles out. Cut around the images leaving at least a quarter inch away from the design. Carefully peel the sticker from the wax paper when ready to use. Get creative making your own personal stickers.

Personalized pencils are another back-to-school item that is a must have. Pencils are easy to lose, so decorating them can help make sure they are not mistaken for someone else’s. You can paint the whole pencil to start. After it is dry, you can add designs of your choice.

A fast way to create dots is using a pencil eraser dipped in paint or use circle stickers and paint over them for a perfect dot. You can use painter’s tape to make clean lines as well. Once dried, peel the tape or stickers to see the design. You can also use permanent markers to write favorite quotes or words of encouragement to make someone’s day.

Hope you have a great time creating crafts for back to school!

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