August is a time for possible change

By Pastor David Bowen

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OK, I admit it. I enjoy history. My kids, however, not so much. But that does not dissuade me from using history as a tool for teaching them traits I hope will last long into their adult years. The month of August is named after the Roman Emperor Augustus. Augustus had many faults, but he also changed Rome, and in doing so, changed the world. Not all of these changes were good. In fact, many were harsh and are still affecting lives today. However, this young emperor did accomplish some good.

If we focus on the good this world leader accomplished and model some of the principles he incorporated into his leadership, we can make a positive impact for our families.

In the 41 years he ruled, he imposed order. He ended a long period of civil wars and started a period known as Pax Romana or Roman Peace, which would last for over two centuries. His reforms led to prosperity for the Roman Empire. Cities prospered as he commissioned roads to be built, as well as physical structures such as aqueducts, baths and amphitheaters, all staples in a Roman lifestyle.

Of all the Caesars, his reign was the longest and it brought peace and stability.

He secured peace for his people by creating a standing army designed to make Rome safe from the “barbarians” of foreign countries.

What if? What if we applied some of those principles to our family structure? What if we focused on creating and maintaining peace and stability? What if we focused on taking actions that would allow our families to prosper? When I say prosper, I am not advocating financial prosperity, but social, physical and spiritual well-being.

All family members, but especially our kids, need to feel secure.  What can we incorporate into our family structure to keep the “barbarian” influence of the worldly culture out of our homes? I am willing to create an army to protect my family from the darkness, deception and manipulation that seems to be rampant in our culture. Morals and values have slowly dissolved into incongruous, inappropriate acceptance of behavior and attitudes that have slowly robbed us of ambition and purpose. It saddens me when I see the complete lack of joy and self-esteem be so common place and socially acceptable. This is the civil war we are fighting now. It’s the values of the culture trying to get our kids to imitate and absorb into their future, habits and beliefs that will be transferred into the next generation. As the Emperor Augustus did, it’s time to fight back, for the sake of our families and generations that follow.

To advance the Roman empire, Augustus built new pathways. He incorporated new structures.  Obviously, this will be personal and individual for every household, but is it time to look back at history to see what the future can be? Because of the heat in Arizona, August is usually a tough month, however, it is also a month that we begin to get back into a routine. The summertime schedule transitions into another school year. This could be an ideal time to transition some change into the family structure. What if we focused our families on prospering this coming school year? What if?

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