Animal Instinct

Animal Instinct

The Pet Wellness Center focuses on preventive care

By Eric Newman

Is Fido feeling less than friendly? Maybe Sparky is a little under the weather? The Pet Wellness Center is one of the North Valley’s best options for all veterinary needs and can perk up your pooch or fix your feline in no time.

Dr. Cheryl Rahal opened the practice in 2017 after working for a decade at Desert Hills Animal Clinic with her husband – also a vet – just three miles down the road. When the business started booming and the pair saw the incoming growth in the area, they decided expansion was necessary.

“We thought we’d grow the practice on this side of the mountain in the North Valley, because we saw that’s the way the area is growing. So many more houses, condos and all that,” she says.

Just like the Desert Hills clinic, The Pet Wellness Center specializes in maintaining health through regular check-ups, vaccines, pest prevention and more. The center also has an in-house pharmacy and lab to make the veterinarian experience easy and timely, and keeps a pet owner from having to travel to different facilities.

Pet Wellness Center offers other services to sick animals, too, including X-rays and diagnostic tests, as well as treatment options. “Our focus is on preventative wellness; after all, prevention is the very best medicine! We know that sometimes in order to stay well, first you have to get well, that’s why we are also able to diagnose and treat your pet if they are feeling a bit under the weather,”  according to the Pet Wellness Center’s website.

Rahal and the staff have plenty of experience working with all sorts of animals. She originally worked on horses before joining Desert Hills in 2007 with her husband. The technicians and other staff are equipped to handle different animals, too.

Rahal says the main patients are still typical household pets, mostly cats and dogs. “I actually see more cats here than we used to at Desert Hills, because they’re still in a small ranch home area, and over here it’s a lot more multi-family homes, so there’s more cats here. But we definitely work on much more than just that,” she says.

Part of Rahal’s goal as a veterinarian is to give her clients the best possible options for keeping pets healthy, even outside the office. The Pet Wellness Center has a blog section where clients can research what type of diet best fits their Alaskan Malamute, or the benefits of microchips on lost furry friends, all in one easy spot with links and clear answers.

“When people come in, it seems like we answer the same sorts of questions over and over. And it’s there to let people have a resource to educate themselves about the best way to care for animals,” Rahal says.“There’s so much information on the internet, so it’s nice to be able to go get the information from somebody you trust, rather than somebody you don’t really know.”.

The Pet Wellness Center is located at 2750 W. Dove Valley Parkway, Suite 150, in North Phoenix. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call the Pet Wellness Center at 623-594-7466 or visit

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