All About the “Snow”

All About the “Snow” 

By Shannon Fisher

Photos by Shannon Fisher Photography

Since it’s not likely we’ll see snow in North Phoenix during our winter months, we can make our own snow fun.


To make a bottled snowman, start with a coffee creamer bottle that is cleaned out and dry. Take off the outside labels as well. Fill the jug with cotton balls or you could use white paint that is water downed a bit and swirl it around inside the bottle. Once coated, pour out any excess paint and allow the paint to dry. Once dry, use cotton balls to fill the bottle. Adding the cotton balls is a great fine motor activity for toddlers to tackle. Next, we used sharpies to add eyes, a nose, and a mouth. You can hot glue googly eyes on too, if you prefer. You can get creative by using ribbon and other accessories to add more detail to this easy snowman.


Coffee filter snowflakes are so pretty to decorate with and, of course, so easy to make. Start by folding the filter in half, then fourths, and finally eighths. Clip the filter with a clothespin or paper clip to hold it in place and then cut designs or shapes out of both sides of the triangle. Be careful not to cut all the way across the filter or it will fall apart. Once you’ve cut your design in to the filter, you can now open it to see your beautiful and unique snowflake. You can string the snowflakes as a garland or place them around your home. They make great gift or package toppers as well.

Homemade Snow

To make your own snow, use three cups of baking soda and a half-cup of conditioner. We got a cheap kind from the dollar store. Mix the two together. Kids can play with the homemade snow in a tub or on cookie sheets for hours of snow building fun. They can even make a snowman, using measuring cups or other forms to shape the snow or just squish with their hands. This builds fine motor skills and is fun. Store in a covered container to play with your snow another day.


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