A Sweet Promise: Anthem couple starts faith-based chocolate business

By Laura Latzko

Chocolates can be delicious gifts to give to a loved one for a special occasion. For one local couple in Anthem, chocolates are a way to spread the word of God.  

In the last year, Amanda and Edmundo Osorio launched Promise Chocolates, a company that produces hollow chocolates with Scriptures inside as well as traditional chocolates.

Married for 18 years with children ranging from ages 2 to 14, the couple started Promise Chocolates after Edmundo’s company suffered layoffs in 2014.  

Amanda says she and her husband wanted to embark on a faith-based endeavor, and Edmundo’s sweet tooth spurred the idea for a chocolate business.

The name of the company was inspired by the promises featured in the Bible.  

“One of main things we were trying to do was create a unique gift that people felt like was a heartfelt gift from them, not just another knick-knack or memento. We wanted it to be a unique gift that reminds people of the goodness of God’s promises,” Amanda says.

The couple has owned retail businesses in the past, but this is the first time the two have had a strictly online business. Edmundo comes from a sales background, and Amanda has expertise in marketing and photography. They share the taste-testing duties.  

The company’s signature item are the hollow chocolates, which are made with an outer layer of chocolate and a plastic green capsule, in which the Scripture messages are encased. The chocolates are similar in some ways to a fortune cookie.

The company’s offerings include milk or dark cream, milk cream with nuts, assorted, sea salt caramel and reduced fat collections.

The different collections come with between one and three hollows, or the company also sells collections with all hollows.  

Amanda hopes the Scriptures within the hollows provoke deeper thought in others.

“That’s how it’s been for us. We are hoping that same thing happens for others, that it speaks to them and inspires them,” Amanda says.  

The nearly 100 Scriptures found in the hollows fall into categories such as faith, hope, prosperity, love and thankfulness. Customers don’t choose the Scriptures they receive, but Amanda has found thus far the messages have spoken to those who are gifted them.

“Once we print out the Scriptures and we put them inside the hollows, we have no idea which Scriptures you are going to get. There we like to say that we are leaving it up to God or the Holy Spirit to deliver it to who is supposed to have it,” Amanda says.

Some recipients have kept the Scriptures, putting them on their fridges or at their desks at work.  

Along with the message inside, the quality of the chocolates was important to the couple. When they were choosing from chocolates, they looked for ones that were rich in taste.

“We didn’t want anything that tasted waxy or something that would be like a 99-cent candy bar. We definitely didn’t want that. We wanted it to be a better experience to the palate,” Amanda says.

Starting a company has come with different challenges, but the Arizona weather has been one of the biggest. When shipping, the couple has to put ice packs in with the chocolates and pack them a certain way.

Another company makes the chocolates, and the couple ships the collections all over the country.

Thus far, they have had both local and out-of-state customers, and they plan to expand by reaching out to churches and spiritual retreats.

The chocolates are meant to be a special gift for holidays such as Christmas or Mother’s Day or for special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays.

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